Environmental and energy management

Eisenwerk Erla GmbH is orientated to the model of sustainable development, efficient use of energy and natural resources. This is also reflected in our environmental management system, which is certified to DIN EN ISO 14001 and our energy management system certified to DIN EN ISO 50001. Adapting our economic structures to climate change is a future task and determines our business actions significantly.

Das Eisenwerk Erla im Erzgebirge orientiert sich am Leitbild einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung
View from Erla-Crandorf to the Eisenwerk

Technical and organisational measures for
fulfilling these requirements:
  • Dry dust removal systems with continuous monitoring for emission sources with dust-loaded exhaust air
  • Scrubbers for exhaust air containing amines
  • Noise protection enclosures on blasting and filter systems
  • Process water plant with settling basins for filter sludge
  • Continuous development of the use of water-based blackwashes in the core production
  • Energy saving and air-cooled compressor station
  • The energy efficiency of machines and systems is rated particularly highly in their planning, design and procurement
  • When choosing our energy suppliers we pay attention to an ecologically useful mixture of energy sources (energy mix)