DYNAMATIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED designs and builds highly technicised products for car and aircraft manufacture, as well as for hydraulic and safety applications.

With development and production locations in Europe and India, we are able to cover the high requirements of our customers on 6 continents.

Dynamatic Corporate
Dynamatic Technologies Limited, India

Our production facilities, which are located in India (Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Nasik), Great Britain (Swindon, Bristol) and Germany (Schwarzenberg), are operated according to our motto: "lean, green and clean", in order to protect the environment.

Dynamatic Corporate
Assembly of the flap track at Dynamatik- Oldland Aerospace ™, India. Dynamatic is the only producer of the flap track for the Airbus A320 with standard fuselage.

With three design laboratories in India and Europe, DYNAMATIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is a leading private research and development organisation, which holds numerous inventions and patents. The company and its subsidiaries employ around 50 scientists and 500 engineers with experience in mechanical engineering, advanced computer aided engineering and research into materials and metallurgy, fluid dynamics as well as defence and aviation.

DYNAMATIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED has a vertically integrated corporate structure with its own alloy and cast metal production facilities as well as green energy sources, such as wind turbines, to cover its own energy requirements.