Quality assurance

In order to ensure the high quality of our products, the whole process is monitored continuously, including the resources used.

Gefügeprüfung des Gussteils durch mikroskopische Analysen
Microscopic examination of cast samples
3D-Vermessung des Gussteils und Abgleich mit dem Soll-Datensatz
3D measurement of the casting and comparison with the target data record

Basic and auxiliary materials

In order to produce high-quality castings, our basic and auxiliary materials must be of a consistently high quality.

  • Analysis of all basic materials (e.g. spectral analysis of scrap deliveries)
  • Analysis of selected auxiliary materials (e.g. screen analysis of mould sands)


Our dies are checked continuously for dimensional stability and wear.

  • 3D measurement of our pattern plates and core boxes


Our quality assurance measures are focussed on the casting. During the course of production, from the molten metal to the finished casting, a large number of analyses and tests are performed in order to ensure that the casting quality satisfies the requirements.

  • Spectrometer analysis of each furnace smelt and handled ladle
  • Temperature monitoring of the molten metal from the furnace through to the moulding machine
  • Continuous mould material testing (ignition loss, moisture content, ultimate strength, etc.)
  • Continuous hardness testing of castings
  • Structural inspection of the casting through microscope analyses
  • CT testing
  • 3D measurement of the casting and comparison with the target data record
  • Endoscopy
  • Tensile testing
  • Crack testing
  • Ultrasound testing