Purchasing Department

We are constantly looking for suppliers that offer high quality raw materials and foundry products, service providers for the machining of our castings as well as disposal service providers.
Siliciumcarbid - SiC

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase of Eisenwerk Erla GmbH as PDF.

Current Needs

We need with immediate effect:

Steel scrap punching parts Mn max. 0.70%, new arising from a uniform resource

For details please refere to the  PDF 

Requirements on our suppliers and cooperation partners

  • Certified Quality management system according to at least ISO 9001:2015
  • Compliance with quality- and quantity requirements and delivery dates
  • Flexibility
  • High service level
  • Acceptance of our terms and conditions of purchase
  • Compliance with the existing legal provisions and government regulations
  • Please note: US-Dodd-Frank Act and the European regulation on conflict minerals

Purchasing spectrum with constant need

  • Pig iron
  • Scrap
  • Ferroalloys
  • Master alloys and inoculant alloys
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Sand and bentonite
  • Refractory material
  • Grinding wheels and cut-off tools
  • Foundry materials, like chemicals and feeders

Please contact

Mrs Gundula Fritzsch
Head of Purchase
Phone +49 3774 123-211
Fax +49 3774 123-369